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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

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1901 (King Edward VII)

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When Edward VII succeeded to the throne, new stamps became necessary. The approach was very conservative and most of the Jubilee frames were reused and the image of the King was still a single profile. Edward's reign was fairly short and there were no major changes of design as a result.

The stamps were printed by 3 different printers: De La Rue, Harrison & sons and Somerset House. Differences sometimes only visible in clarity of print, in paper or colour shade. Chalk-surfaced paper was introduced during this time (this type of paper can be detected by rubbing the surface with silver, which leaves a black mark).

19020011902001: HALF PENNY - Edward VII (pair with St-Andrew's Cross) -
1902001-t3 : pair with St-Andrew's Cross (1904)
19020011902001: HALF PENNY - Edward VII (perf. 15x14 by Harrison) -
1902001-T4 : perf. 15x14 by Harrison (1911)
19020021902002: ONE PENNY - Edward VII (perf. 15x14 by Harrison) -
1902002-T2 : perf. 15x14 by Harrison (1911)
19020061902006: 3 d - Edward VII (perf. 15x14 by Harrison) -
1902006-T2 : perf. 15x14 by Harrison (1911)
19020151902015: 10S TEN SHILLINGS 10S - Edward VII -
19020161902016: £1 ONE POUND £1 - Edward VII -

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