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Union of Myanmar

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2007 catalogue

2008 →


20070012007001: (K2) - Independence: 59th anniversary (fully in Burmese)
20070022007002: K5 - Independence: 59th anniversary
20070032007003: (K2) - National Convention (fully in Burmese)
20070042007004: (K3) - National Convention (fully in Burmese)
20070052007005: (K50) - National Convention (fully in Burmese)
20070062007006: K50 - ASEAN - Secretariat building Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam (Joint-Issue) stamp from souvenir sheet
20070072007007: K50 - ASEAN - National Museum of Cambodia (Joint-Issue) stamp from souvenir sheet
20070082007008: K50 - ASEAN - Fatahillah Museum, Djakarta (Joint-Issue) stamp from souvenir sheet
20070092007009: K50 - ASEAN - Lao Typical house (Joint-Issue) stamp from souvenir sheet
20070102007010: K50 - ASEAN - Malayan Railway Headquarters, Kuala Lumpur (Joint-Issue) stamp from souvenir sheet
20070112007011: K50 - ASEAN - Yangon Post Office (Joint-Issue) stamp from souvenir sheet
20070122007012: K50 - ASEAN - Malacanang Palace Philippines (Joint-Issue) stamp from souvenir sheet
20070132007013: K50 - ASEAN - National Museum of Singapore (Joint-Issue) stamp from souvenir sheet
20070142007014: K50 - ASEAN - Vimanmek Mansion, Bangkok (Joint-Issue) stamp from souvenir sheet
20070152007015: K50 - ASEAN - Presidential Palace, Hanoi (Joint-Issue) stamp from souvenir sheet
2007015-y (2007) souvenir sheet

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