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State of Burma

← 1942


1943a catalogue

1943b →

On 1 August 1943 Japan nominally declared the colony independent as the State of Burma. Under a hastily drawn up constitution which incorporated both democratic and totalitarian elements, Burma was to be "a fully independent and sovereign nation" ruled over by the Naingandaw Adipadi, or Head of State. The man chosen for this position was the Burmese nationalist Ba Maw. When informed of the impending transfer of eastern Shan State to Thailand, Ba Maw was naturally less than happy. At a meeting with Tojo, the Japanese strongman, in Singapore, Ba Maw commented that "Neither the Burmese nor the Shans will be completely happy about the dismemberment of the Shan territory and its people". Tojo was apologetic, but explained that Japan had promised eastern Shan State to Thailand as the price for becoming an ally. "But we have come in with you too", said Ba Maw, "and we also have our claims". However, many Burmese began to believe the Japanese had no intention of giving them real independence. Under Japanese occupation, 170,000 to 250,000 civilians died.


19430101943010: (1c) - State of Burma (perforate, different types of rouletting,Hyphen-hole perforation,Pin perforation and combination of these)
1943010-T2 : perforate, perf. 11, usualy collected in pairs (1943)
1943010-t3 : imperforate, usualy collected in pairs (1943)
19430111943011: (3c) - State of Burma
1943011-T2 : perforate, perf. 11, usualy collected in pairs (1943)
1943011-t3 : imperforate, usualy collected in pairs (1943)
19430121943012: (5c) - State of Burma
1943012-T2 : perforate, perf. 11, usualy collected in pairs (1943)
1943012-t3 : imperforate, usualy collected in pairs (1943)
19430131943013: 1 - Views
19430141943014: 2 - Views
19430151943015: 3 - Views
19430161943016: 5 - Views - Elephant
19430171943017: 10 - Views - Elephant
19430181943018: 15 - Views - Elephant
19430191943019: 20 - Views - Elephant
19430201943020: 30 - Views - Elephant
19430211943021: 1 - Views - Mandalay tower
19430221943022: 2 - Views - Mandalay tower


Z1943bZ1943b: - registered cover (back side) from Kalaw (Shan State) 19.2.17 to Thingangyun 22.FEB.44 stamppaes illustration
Z1943cZ1943c: - postcard from Nyaungoo 26.10.44 to Pakokku S.E. 1 NOV (postcard rate 6c) stamppaes illustration
Z1943dZ1943d: - newspaper wrapper from Rangoon GPO 31 DEC (4)4 to Chauk: newspaper rate 2c stamppaes illustration

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