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Union of Burma

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1959 catalogue

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By 1958, the country was largely beginning to recover economically, but was beginning to fall apart politically due to a split in the Anti-Fascist People's Freedom League (AFPFL) into two factions, one led by Thakins Nu and Tin, the other by Ba Swe and Kyaw Nyein. This was despite the unexpected success of U Nu's 'Arms for Democracy' offer taken up by U Seinda in the Arakan, the Pa'O, some Mon and Shan groups, but more significantly by the PVO surrendering their arms. The situation became very unstable in parliament, with U Nu surviving a no-confidence vote only with the support of the opposition National United Front (NUF), believed to have 'cryptocommunists' amongst them.


19590011959001: 15P [25P] - Mandalay: 100th anniversary - Royal Palace
19590021959002: K1 - Mandalay: 100th anniversary - Lily Throne of Mandalay
19590031959003: K2 - Mandalay: 100th anniversary - Lily Throne of Mandalay

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